Thomas Joseph Crossword Answers January 05, 2022

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Author: Thomas Joseph


Trunk tool JACK
Sudden storm SQUALL
Sore spot ACHE
Down Under denizen AUSSIE
Amused look GRIN
Sounded the alarm? BEEPED
Aug. follower SEP
Weary sigh ALAS
Makes healthy CURES
Lawn material SOD
Mocking comments SNARK
Boorish fellow YAHOO
Manor head LORD
Tag info SIZE
Make sense ADDUP
Uses a sponge WIPES
Agreeable answer YES
Bring together UNIFY
Ship lockup BRIG
Director DuVernay AVA
Regular array MATRIX
Small songbird WREN
Relaxed ATEASE
Norse god ODIN
Garden makeup PLANTS
Ibsen’s home OSLO


Benders JAGS
Lot unit ACRE
They may be tapped instead of swiped CHIPCARDS
Boxer Norton KEN
Dark fur SABLE
Nauseated QUEASY
Calls on USES
Nile serpent ASP
Tell tales LIE
Was a pioneer LED
Noah’s boat ARK
Pakistan language URDU
Where boats get built SHIPYARDS
Female rabbits DOES
Wow ’em at the comedy club SLAY
Network junction NODE
“Like that’ll happen!” ASIF
Strict grammarian PURIST
Fake locks WIG
Vetoes NIXES
Muffin makeup BRAN
Bride’s wear VEIL
Part of A.D. ANNO
Subway aid MAP
Georgia airport code ATL
Earl Grey, e.g. TEA
Court WOO
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