Thomas Joseph Crossword Answers January 06, 2022

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Author: Thomas Joseph


Base meal MESS
Propeller parts BLADES
Skin woe ACNE
Speak from memory RECITE
Whiskey serving SHOT
Show clearly EVINCE
Acted obsequiously KOWTOWED
Completely ALL
Corduroy feature RIDGE
Sharpened HONED
Like haunted houses SCARY
Easter find EGG
Sturgeon eggs ROE
Fields AREAS
Gushes forth SPEWS
Museum piece RELIC
Lend a hand AID
Diamondbacks, e.g. RATTLERS
Craving DESIRE
Track shape OVAL
Immediately ATONCE
Polynesian idol TIKI
Hit hard BANGED
Iditarod need SLED


Mardi Gras wear MASK
Canyon sound ECHO
Arm-waving creation SNOWANGEL
End a suit SETTLE
Make coffee BREW
Having a low pH ACIDIC
Clamor DIN
Series-ending abbr. ETC
Take in SEE
Unoriginal OLD
Thrill-seeker DAREDEVIL
Expand GROW
Peepers EYES
Get news of HEAR
Fairy tale monster OGRE
Broadcasting AIRING
Uncommon SCARCE
Plunked down SAT
Cockpit occupants PILOTS
Prepared to drive TEED
Yard tool RAKE
Reached base, in a way SLID
Bit of ointment DAB
Greek vowel ETA
Junior, to senior SON
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