Thomas Joseph Crossword Answers January 07, 2022

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Author: Thomas Joseph


Potential officer CADET
Tibetan monks LAMAS
Dwelling ABODE
Tightly packed DENSE
Come to WAKEN
Addition column TENS
Mosquito or gnat PEST
Soup need BOWL
Some mines PITS
Juan PerĂ³n’s wife EVA
Mob member MADEMAN
Keyed up TENSE
“Hello” singer ADELE
Some flowers ANNUALS
Impress greatly WOW
Skilled ABLE
Ellipsis, essentially DOTS
Sacred chests ARKS
Yemen neighbor OMAN
“Hush!” CANIT
Nepal neighbor INDIA
Eat away ERODE
Perfume SCENT
Did some tailoring SEWED
To the point TERSE


Bounder CAD
White House nickname ABE
Collectible car EDSEL
New driver, often TEEN
Bar topic LAW
Made suitable ADAPTED
Historic times AGES
Dispatched SENT
Hotel amenity SPA
Second letter BETA
Kitchen need OVEN
Lupino and Tarbell IDAS
Diner buy MEAL
Bunches ALOT
The latest NEWS
Die down SUBSIDE
Summer sign LEO
Tango or twist DANCE
Good pair ACES
Quite uncommon RARE
Rainbow maker MIST
Slugger Williams TED
They hold power INS
Noshed ATE
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