Thomas Joseph Crossword Answers January 13, 2022

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Author: Thomas Joseph


Lummox CLOD
Toledo setting SPAIN
Missouri motto SHOWME
News article ITEM
Would-be lawyer’s major PRELAW
Metallic element CHROMIUM
Metallic element TUNGSTEN
Astronomical sightings COMETS
Spanish gold ORO
R2-D2, for one DROID
Buddy MAC
Dunne and Cara IRENES
Metallic element PLATINUM
Metallic element ALUMINUM
TV’s warrior princess XENA
Oxygen-dependent organism AEROBE
Puts away EATS
Smoothing tool PLANE
Set eyes on SPOT


Stylish CHIC
Wood strip LATH
Finished OVER
Lowers in rank DEMOTES
Show indifference SHRUG
Frost creations POEMS
Piercing tool AWL
“— Believer” IMA
Fresh NEW
Takes turns SPINS
Remote button MUTE
Animated character TOON
War of 1812 port ERIE
Tacit approvals NODS
Scout’s base CAMP
Spoken ORAL
Layered mineral MICA
Oil container DRUM
Dance versions REMIXES
Eagle’s claw TALON
“You don’t say!” ILLBE
Tide type NEAP
“Do — others …” UNTO
Ship staff MAST
Easy victim SAP
Baseball’s Ott MEL
History segment ERA
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