Thomas Joseph Crossword Answers January 14, 2022

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Author: Thomas Joseph


Sound from a smithy CLANG
Absolutely not NOHOW
California cager LAKER
President born in Hawaii OBAMA
Rust, for one OXIDE
Trifled TOYED
Army address SIR
Farm measure ACREAGE
Letter after zeta ETA
Low digit TOE
Crew need OAR
Young one TYKE
Soothing ointments BALMS
GI-entertaining org. USO
Maui souvenir LEI
Gets ready PREPS
Fabric worker DYER
Overly TOO
Corn unit EAR
Ring legend ALI
Ray-gun sound ZAP
Barrel piece STAVE
Map division STATE
Castle part TOWER
Game piece TOKEN
Stretches over SPANS
Cheese choice SWISS


Hanger site CLOSET
Looseness LAXITY
“Ran” director AKIRAKUROSAWA
Homer’s neighbor NED
Terrific GREAT
Imaginary NOTREAL
Bassoon’s kin OBOE
“Spirited Away” director HAYAOMIYAZAKI
Last letters OMEGAS
Tall boot WADER
Corn core COB
Language suffix ESE
Was a pioneer LED
Starting bids OPENERS
Like some convalescent care POSTOP
Pouchlike part SAC
Brightens ELATES
Turns red, perhaps RIPENS
Lab work TESTS
Takes ten RESTS
Smooth EVEN
Highway rescue TOW
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