Thomas Joseph Crossword Answers January 24, 2023

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Author: Thomas Joseph


Bring together UNITE
Istanbul natives TURKS
Network points NODES
“Looks — everything” ARENT
Campaign leader FRONTRUNNER
Immigrant’s subj. ESL
Solo of “Star Wars” HAN
Kickoff aid TEE
Sweet course DESSERT
Star pitcher ACE
Had supper ATE
Thin board SLAT
Wise saying ADAGE
Grating sounds RASPS
Swear CUSS
Actor Affleck BEN
Gym unit REP
Determined DEADSET
Dedicated verse ODE
Ill. neighbor IND
Actor Mahershala ALI
False friend BACKSTABBER
Top story ATTIC
Fragment PIECE
Lab work TESTS
Civil wrongs TORTS


Hungry, probably UNFED
Like Thor and Odin NORSE
Pop stars IDOLS
Wallet bill TEN
Art lover ESTHETE
Jeer at TAUNT
Coffee dispenser URN
Tourists’ cars RENTALS
City ways STREETS
Quite uncommon RARE
Hangs low SAGS
Beach cover SAND
Circus star ACROBAT
Time of delivery, perhaps DUEDATE
Adjust to new conditions READAPT
Crooked BENT
Brake shapes DISCS
Cavalry weapon SABER
Put in office ELECT
Grows weary TIRES
Young fox KIT
Life story, for short BIO
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