Thomas Joseph Crossword Answers January 25, 2023

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Author: Thomas Joseph


Latitude SCOPE
Disorder MESS
Highway sections LANES
Entice TEMPT
Left, on a liner APORT
Film trophy OSCAR
Wait to pounce LURK
Cry to a rescuer MYHERO
Outdated OLD
Bro’s sibling SIS
Sixth sense, briefly ESP
Kalahari critters MEERKATS
Loyal TRUE
Inning count OUTS
Brewery sights BEERVATS
Soak up SOP
Take a stab at TRY
Tourist’s aid MAP
Penn, for one QUAKER
Renown FAME
Beneath UNDER
Andrews of “Mary Poppins” JULIE
Land units ACRES
Add a change to AMEND
Like an abyss DEEP
Buttes’ kin MESAS


Downhill course SLALOM
Montague foe CAPULET
Not yet in stock ONORDER
Make coffee PERK
Id — EST
Interlace MESH
Game show host EMCEE
Ship poles SPARS
Barber’s aid STROP
Hit movie of 1995 TOYSTORY
Farrow of film MIA
Pesky bugs, informally SKEETERS
Massage RUB
Minivan alternative SUV
Mexican snacks TAMALES
Endurance STAMINA
Muff ERR
Ignores the limit SPEEDS
Pound part OUNCE
San Diego player PADRE
Retain KEEP
Be enraged FUME
Toast spread JAM
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