Thomas Joseph Crossword Answers January 31, 2023

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Author: Thomas Joseph


Cries of insight AHAS
Book part COVER
Dollar divisions CENTS
Dancer Castle IRENE
Exams for absentees MAKEUPTESTS
Airport sched. abbr. ETA
Tissue layer PLY
Even score TIE
Belgrade setting SERBIA
On this spot HERE
Wet, in a way RAINY
March middle IDES
Become prevalent SETIN
Anxiety about exclusion, for short FOMO
Privy to INON
Trombone parts SLIDES
Old auto REO
Had lunch ATE
One — million INA
They may be taken on a treadmill STRESSTESTS
Shake your booty TWERK
Tart fruits SLOES
Fizzy drinks SODAS
Annual race, for short INDY


High points ACMES
Gangster’s gun HEATER
Turkey’s capital ANKARA
Sault — Marie STE
Metropolis CITY
Metal source ORE
Like some interests VESTED
Complete ENTIRE
Views again RESEES
Flat on one’s back SUPINE
Tries out, as a game PLAYTESTS
Plains grazer BISON
Delhi tongue HINDI
Historic events FIRSTS
Boxing combo ONETWO
Secured to the dock MOORED
Prolific inventor EDISON
Ready for the body shop DENTED
Impudent SASSY
Invites ASKS
Pitching stat ERA
Quarterback Manning ELI
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