Thomas Joseph Crossword Answers July 17, 2018

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Painter Picasso
Collectors of DNA samples
Leering sort
West Point student
Slopes rider
Neptune's realm
Quarterback Manning
Fancy homes
Party staple
? de deux
Sandy hill
Director DeMille
Stood stunned
"Once ? a time …"
Neither follower
Drill part
Favoring neither side
Rink surface
Olive of cartoons
Writer Tan
Waves rider
Court event


Sheriff's group
Anne Brontë's "? Grey"
Make swollen
Actor Ayres
Like planetary paths
Looks over
Simple card game
Made sense
Straight path
Like zebras
Wallet bills
Neat as ?
Move quickly
Picasso and Braque
Food lover
Exclusive group
Meaty stew
"So Sick" singer
With dignity
CBer's need
Improve, in a way
Old harps
Letter after pi
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