Thomas Joseph Crossword Answers July 21, 2021

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Author: Thomas Joseph


Staff symbol CLEF
Crotchety folks GRUMPS
Turner of Hollywood LANA
Lighten EASEUP
Kitchen fixture OVEN
Hole number PAR
Vaccine deliveries JABS
Film legend Garbo GRETA
Soaking site SPA
So far ASYET
Went fast RACED
San Juan Hill setting CUBA
— Major URSA
Center HEART
Stable worker GROOM
Blunder ERR
Exemplary IDEAL
Zest source PEEL
Chemist’s place LAB
One-celled creature AMOEBA
Skilled ABLE
Type of insurance DENTAL
Lawyer’s job CASE
Takes the wheel STEERS
Easy run TROT


Hoof sound CLOP
Hot flow LAVA
Team supporter FAN
Suggest GETAT
Seafood restaurant fixture RAWBAR
Calls on USES
Fellows MEN
Deposit PUT
007, for one SPY
Airport sight JET
Caboose setting REAR
Browser part SCROLLBAR
Mexican coin PESO
Genesis name ADAM
Dull pain ACHE
Litigious one SUER
Surrounding glow AURA
Cufflinks’ kin TIEBAR
Hair goo GEL
Bargains DEALS
Singer Seeger PETE
In addition ALSO
Sugar source BEET
Spots on TV ADS
Convened MET
Count start ONE
Drama division ACT
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