Thomas Joseph Crossword Answers July 23, 2021

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Author: Thomas Joseph


Ghana’s capital ACCRA
Monument Valley sights MESAS
Seasonal song CAROL
Unaided ALONE
Undermine ERODE
Dismay DAUNT
Hot, in a way SEXY
Massage settings SPAS
In addition ALSO
Stable diet OATS
Rented out LET
Self-defense art JUJITSU
“West Side Story” heroine MARIA
Land units ACRES
Stretchy fabric SPANDEX
Really impress AWE
Article ITEM
Overlook MISS
Stamp sheet PANE
Yemen neighbor OMAN
Operative AGENT
Put up ERECT
Bard’s creation VERSE
Be of one mind AGREE
Bygone auto EDSEL
Physicist Nikola TESLA


Great serve ACE
Lot sight CAR
Western contest RODEO
Baseball’s Rodriguez ALEX
Fuming MAD
Waistband material ELASTIC
Mustaches, in slang SOUPSTRAINERS
Visitor to Siam ANNA
Hardens SETS
“Hey there!” YOU
Some charity ALMS
Bound LEAP
Trojan War hero AJAX
Green stone JADE
Stitches SEWS
Calls on USES
Concentrated INTENSE
Punk rock offshoot EMO
Bart’s mom MARGE
Make lots PAVE
Like some wines AGED
Ham or lamb MEAT
— Aviv TEL
Cartoon frame CEL
Pot fill TEA
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