Thomas Joseph Crossword Answers July 24, 2021

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Author: Thomas Joseph


Stone unit CARAT
Abacus parts BEADS
Disconcert ABASH
Snowy wader EGRET
Must, informally GOTTA
Ritzy home ESTATE
That woman HER
Director Spike LEE
Shop sweepings SAWDUST
Georgia, once: Abbr. SSR
Summer top TSHIRT
In the lead AHEAD
Volcanic rock BASALT
Scary shout BOO
Corsairs PIRATES
Some amount of ANY
Goof ERR
Disney septet DWARFS
Does book work EDITS
Words to the maestro HITIT
Find darling ADORE
Run-down SEEDY
Greedy one TAKER


Caravan critters CAMELS
Humbles ABASES
Crazy talker RANTER
China setting ASIA
Remark of finality THATSTHAT
Entreat BEG
Sense of self EGO
Ygraine’s son ARTHUR
Kick off START
Like a painting in progress EASELED
True state of things WHATSWHAT
Performed DID
Dry — bone ASA
One under par BIRDIE
Come in ARRIVE
Composer Béla BARTOK
Burning ONFIRE
Pearl producer OYSTER
Jury members PEERS
Opera set in Egypt AIDA
Smidgen TAD
Devious SLY
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