Thomas Joseph Crossword Answers July 26, 2021

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Author: Thomas Joseph


Field enclosure FENCE
Sneaker features LACES
Even a little ATALL
Precise EXACT
High-muck-a-muck NABOB
Towel material TERRY
Weeps noisily SOBS
Groom’s wear TUX
Independent sort LONEWOLF
Sweeping story EPIC
Skewed views BIASES
Car sticker DECAL
“Coming up next” ad PROMO
Short sock ANKLET
Go under FAIL
Touch lightly PAT
Cooped (up) PENT
City on the Mohawk River UTICA
Luminous glows AURAS
Back tooth MOLAR
Old car part CRANK
Change, as the Constitution AMEND
Singer Rogers KENNY


Summer cooler FAN
Seventh Greek letter ETA
Arrest NAB
Narrow escape CLOSECALL
Arm joint ELBOW
Say inadvertently LETSLIP
Woodsman’s tool AXE
Supermarket aid CART
Beige ECRU
River of Hades STYX
Move up and down BOB
Helen’s mother LEDA
Ready for business OPEN
Shaving mishap NICK
Years and years from now FARFUTURE
Shower need SOAP
Radiate EMIT
Song for one SOLO
Spotted cat LEOPARD
Sock part TOE
Aptitude KNACK
Mountain lion PUMA
Physics bit ATOM
Mosaic piece TILE
Soup buy CAN
Sprinted RAN
Columnist Landers ANN
Cloud setting SKY
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