Thomas Joseph Crossword Answers July 27, 2021

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Author: Thomas Joseph


Takes care of the final details MOPSUP
Told tales LIED
Playwright Eugene ONEILL
Not busy IDLE
Doorway hanging BEADCURTAIN
Bona fide LEGIT
Saloon quaff BEER
Word of action VERB
Edges RIMS
Kitchen gadgets PARERS
Phone download APP
Brooks of film MEL
Director Spike LEE
Chess win MATE
Did a textile job DYED
Printed matter TEXT
Flexible LITHE
Absolutely sure DEADCERTAIN
Pearl Harbor setting OAHU
Snare TRAP
Quartet plus trio SEPTET


Unruly crowd MOB
Low digit ONE
Stew sphere PEA
Moves like a crab SIDLES
Peptic problem ULCER
Cord end PLUG
Writer Tarbell IDA
Yale rooter ELI
Bear’s lair DEN
Competitor RIVAL
Human, for one BIPED
Unoccupied EMPTY
Take it easy RELAX
Quarterback Favre BRETT
Sewer dweller RAT
Apiece PER
Notice SEE
Army healer MEDIC
Delayed HELDUP
Get together MEETUP
Painful spasm THROE
Thomas Hardy heroine TESS
Morse bit DOT
Lobed organ EAR
Cry of insight AHA
Museum focus ART
Drink cubes ICE
Rink material NET
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