Thomas Joseph Crossword Answers June 09, 2021

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Author: Thomas Joseph


Win back REGAIN
Deep purple PLUM
Carry too far OVERDO
Abundant RIFE
Map area NATION
Wildly eager AGOG
Santa’s transport SLEIGH
Destiny FATE
Surpass OUTDO
Yale student ELI
Start, as an engine POWERUP
Toupee’s kin WIG
One-million link INA
Star pitcher ACE
Flying formation ECHELON
Writer Fleming IAN
Stylishly quaint RETRO
Colony members ANTS
Prefer to RATHER
Miseries WOES
Wise sayings AXIOMS
Pennsylvania port ERIE
Physician HEALER
Crook BEND
Useful abilities ASSETS


Friend of Harry and Hermione RON
Juan PerĂ³n’s wife EVA
Acquire GET
Spring up ARISE
Fans’ favorite IDOL
Less than any NONE
European capital PRAGUE
Sky sighting UFO
Ryan of “Top Gun” MEG
Hawkeye IOWAN
Not so many FEWER
Tea party crasher ALICE
Strict control, so to speak TIGHTREIN
Old gold coin DUCAT
Some tourneys OPENS
Airline worker PILOT
Music’s Yoko ONO
Made blank ERASED
Verdi pieces ARIAS
“How droll!” HAHA
Former spouses EXES
Fly catcher WEB
Smelter supply ORE
Flamenco cheer OLE
Convened MET
Fourth-yr. students SRS
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