Thomas Joseph Crossword Answers June 12, 2021

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Author: Thomas Joseph


Thanksgiving dish YAMS
Enthusiasm VERVE
Striped rock AGATE
Moved cautiously EASED
Musical closes CODAS
Leafy vegetable SPINACH
Print measures ENS
Load unit TON
Leafy vegetable LETTUCE
Idolized ADORED
Start the bidding OPEN
Quite bright NEON
Account book LEDGER
Leafy vegetable ARUGULA
Keats work ODE
Morse bit DOT
Leafy vegetable CABBAGE
Moscow setting IDAHO
Suffered AILED
Daughter of Lear REGAN
Agitates STIRS
Put in stitches SEWN
Beholds SEES


Chinese food veggie PEAPOD
“Twelfth Night” duke ORSINO
Kitchen need OVEN
Cyclist, for one PEDALER
Marina sight YACHT
Previously AGO
Invented MADEUP
Posture STANCE
Goddess of the hearth VESTA
German steel city ESSEN
François has one CEDILLA
— the line (obeyed) TOED
Tolled RANG
Atlantic fish SEABASS
Low point NADIR
Undermines ERODES
Power problem OUTAGE
Man in a mask GOALIE
Yard tools EDGERS
Oboists’ needs REEDS
Home of the Huskies UCONN
Fisherman’s hope BITE
Hem and — HAW
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