Thomas Joseph Crossword Answers June 30, 2020

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Author: Thomas Joseph


Movie FILM
Bearlike URSINE
Open space AREA
Give credence to TAKESTOCKIN
“Wake Up, Little —” SUSIE
Speck MOTE
Oatmeal problem LUMP
Cocoon stage PUPA
Head out DEPART
“Roses — red” ARE
Melancholy SAD
Coffee, in slang JOE
Uncommon thing RARITY
Hamlet TOWN
Turner of film LANA
Melodies AIRS
Chimney output SMOKE
Get satisfaction from TAKEPRIDEIN
Sweeping story EPIC
Rodeo horse BRONCO
Easter lead-in LENT
Smoothed, in a way SANDED


Edit out CUT
Pitching stat ERA
Inquire ASK
Afternoon break SIESTA
Follow as a result ENSUE
Collections SETS
One way to deal FACEUP
Tick off IRK
Maui souvenir LEI
Fellow MAN
Lubricated OILED
Wall art MURAL
Sung drama OPERA
College study MAJOR
Ship fronts PROWS
Golf goal PAR
Week part DAY
Toe count TEN
Mailing need STAMP
Fly or flea INSECT
Attached, in a way TIEDON
Director Kurosawa AKIRA
Spheres ORBS
— Aviv TEL
Clumsy galoot APE
Relatives KIN
Wrap up END
Bar rocks ICE
Silent assent NOD
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