Thomas Joseph Crossword Answers May 03, 2021

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Author: Thomas Joseph


Highway exits RAMPS
Hoe targets WEEDS
Pacific, for one OCEAN
Great confusion HAVOC
High-strung TENSE
Game setting ARENA
Shaker fill SALT
Volleyball need NET
Be deliberately unproductive SLACKOFF
Somewhat, in music POCO
Talks big BOASTS
Tolerate ABIDE
Rat or muskrat RODENT
Bowling site LANE
Under pressure STRESSED
Fast plane JET
Wife of Zeus HERA
French farewell ADIEU
Following AFTER
Burgundy and Bordeaux WINES
Paris river SEINE
Fashion STYLE
English county ESSEX


Turn bad ROT
High card ACE
Fellows MEN
Phone unlockers PASSCODES
Furtive one SNEAK
Corn unit EAR
Divisible by two EVEN
Finished DONE
Jazz singing style SCAT
Tennis hit LOB
Ship pole SPAR
Timber wolf LOBO
Litmus reddener ACID
Emergency defenses FAILSAFES
Relaxing resorts SPAS
Melody TUNE
Went fast SPED
Number after due TRE
Make blank ERASE
Spielberg movie JAWS
Fix a story EDIT
Minuscule TINY
Twisty fish EEL
“My country — of thee” TIS
Hydrocarbon suffix ENE
King, in Latin REX
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