Thomas Joseph Crossword Answers May 05, 2021

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Author: Thomas Joseph


Diamond clubs BATS
Rum-soaked cake BABA
Not napping AWAKE
Peony part PETAL
“West Side Story” heroine MARIA
Release LETGO
Entertainment industry, informally BIZ
La Paz language SPANISH
Lombardy language ITALIAN
Spying org. CIA
Snide expression SNEER
Diet no-no FAT
Comical DROLL
Mrs., in Madrid SRA
A bunch LOADS
King Kong, for one APE
Dhaka language BENGALI
Shanghai language CHINESE
Dramatist Jonson BEN
Doctrine TENET
Spa garments ROBES
Heep of Dickens URIAH
Soothing lotion SALVE
Cooped (up) PENT
Yard units FEET


Thumper’s pal BAMBI
Looks forward to AWAITS
John Clayton’s alias TARZAN
Go downhill SKI
“It’s — real” BEEN
New York prison ATTICA
Quits, slangily BAGSIT
Hilo hello ALOHA
Less complex EASIER
Scheme PLAN
Lets out early PAROLES
Pollux’s mother LEDA
National symbol FLAG
Solitary sorts LONERS
Control REININ
Feed like a duck DABBLE
Coat part SLEEVE
Carry on ACTUP
Sister of Amy, Jo and Meg BETH
Miniature map INSET
Dapper NEAT
Clumsy fellow OAF
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