Thomas Joseph Crossword Answers May 13, 2022

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Author: Thomas Joseph


Wedding words VOWS
Strike SLAP
Clarifying words IMEAN
Tennis setting COURT
Quartet member CELLO
Famed fur tycoon ASTOR
The works ALL
Sweetly charming WINSOME
Takes back RECANTS
Playfully shy COY
Bullfight bulls TOROS
Fling TOSS
Fresh NEW
That woman HER
Swindles CONS
Fruit basket items PEARS
Mine yield ORE
Ermines and minks WEASELS
Stylish set INCROWD
“See ya!” LATER
ATM button ENTER
Teakettle output STEAM
“Superman” star REEVE
Vortex EDDY
Lofty poems ODES


Parish head VICAR
Eggy dish OMELET
Having powerful friends WELLCONNECTED
Actor Mineo SAL
Digitizes, as a page SCANS
Defeat LOSS
Changed by a spell checker AUTOCORRECTED
Gentle reproach NOWNOW
Deuce beaters TREYS
“— been real!” ITS
God of war ARES
Pekoe and oolong TEAS
Forward fall HEADER
Spring feature COILS
Decorative ORNATE
Chapel sight PEW
Shirt part SLEEVE
Like bad apples WORMY
Tender spots SORES
Peruse READ
“The Matrix” hero NEO
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