Thomas Joseph Crossword Answers May 27, 2023

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Author: Thomas Joseph


Western state capital BOISE
Minimal amount LEAST
Building wing ANNEX
Fighting ATWAR
Belief TENET
Zigzag WEAVE
Underworld group THEMOB
Piano part KEY
Tell tales LIE
Close-fitting jackets REEFERS
Airport sched. abbr. ETD
Lone Star Staters TEXANS
Two cubed EIGHT
Malay island BORNEO
Easy victim SAP
Ballpark figure MANAGER
Greek vowel ETA
Skill ART
Kitchen fixtures STOVES
Kind of ballerina PRIMA
Notions IDEAS
Cleaner scent LEMON
Like Loki NORSE
Miser’s problem GREED


Kind of musical wonder ONEHIT
Wanting INNEED
Appear SEEM
Blackmailing EXTORTING
Bar study LAW
Seine season ETE
Come to AWAKEN
Frugal fellows SAVERS
Deuce beaters TREYS
“Stayin’ Alive” group BEEGEES
Diet no-no FAT
Geologic period ERA
Infertile BARREN
Stringent SEVERE
Not nervous ATEASE
Went by PASSED
Syrup choice MAPLE
Freshener target ODOR
May honoree MOM
One or more ANY
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