Thomas Joseph Crossword Answers November 15, 2023

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Author: Thomas Joseph


Singer Tori AMOS
Swift FAST
Legitimate VALID
Stately home MANOR
Tennis star Agassi ANDRE
Boiling ANGRY
Dine late SUP
Ankle bones TARSALS
Rent out LET
Director Malle LOUIS
Suffered from HAD
Wed in haste ELOPE
Gum mass WAD
Peruses READS
Part of a match SET
La Brea fossil preserve TARPITS
Kilt patterns TARTANS
Horse doctor VET
Chinese or Korean ASIAN
Green hue OLIVE
Enlists again REUPS
Frisco footballer NINER
Shade trees ELMS
Ivy League school PENN


Sailor’s cry AVAST
Training book MANUAL
Knight’s title SIR
Viper feature FANG
Lansbury of Broadway ANGELA
Put into piles SORTED
Secret meeting TRYST
Fine point DETAIL
Warring god MARS
Campaign loser ALSORAN
Took to court SUED
Whole bunch HEAP
Human being PERSON
Mink’s cousin WEASEL
Skylit court ATRIUM
Heavenly DIVINE
Director Spielberg STEVEN
Fixed look STARE
Earth tones TANS
Somber STERN
Spigots TAPS
Pert talk LIP
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