Thomas Joseph Crossword Answers November 16, 2023

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Author: Thomas Joseph


Barber symbol POLE
Burglar’s crime THEFT
Diva’s piece ARIA
Sports spots ARENAS
Calls on USES
Entertain at bedtime READTO
Sofa for two LOVESEAT
Complete tie DEADHEAT
Musical transitions SEGUES
Carnival setting RIO
Complains CARPS
Temperamental MOODY
Broad st. AVE
Makes fun of TEASES
Reporter’s specialty NEWSBEAT
Diet fare LEANMEAT
Bakery worker ICER
Smart guys ALECKS
Folk learning LORE
Year divisions WEEKS
Gold-filled fort KNOX


Painter Klee PAUL
Words of approximation ORSO
Schreiber of “Spotlight” LIEV
Tire feature TREAD
Moor plant HEATH
Wrap up END
Obese FAT
General on Chinese menus TSO
Provinces AREAS
Espies SEES
Amorous archer EROS
Staff member AIDE
Gifts for kids TOYS
Checkout act SCAN
Roof feature EAVE
Got larger GREW
Nasty MEAN
Creamer alternative OATMILK
Diving ducks TEALS
Glossy SLICK
Bus. sch. course ECON
Prefix with dynamic AERO
“Jurassic Park” beast TREX
Mouth part JAW
Bullfight cry OLE
Neckline shape VEE
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