Thomas Joseph Crossword Answers November 17, 2021

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Author: Thomas Joseph


Boars’ mates SOWS
Soccer legend PELE
Partridge’s cousin QUAIL
Dead duck GONER
City on the Mohawk River UTICA
Church feature ALTAR
Maximum amount ALL
Cable ride ZIPLINE
Straight course BEELINE
Atlantic fish COD
Essays TRIES
Finger count TEN
Armistice TRUCE
Compete VIE
Main roles LEADS
Junior, to senior SON
Fleet owner AIRLINE
Special phone connection HOTLINE
Unmindful LAX
Exemplary IDEAL
Not napping AWAKE
Cavalry stations FORTS
Soft drink buy LITER
Muscle quality TONE
Egg holder NEST


Young pigeon SQUAB
Factory store OUTLET
Loud lamenter WAILER
Attack command SIC
Survey POLL
Apply pressure to LEANON
Misspoke ERRED
Less motivated LAZIER
Stare in disbelief GAPE
Pancreas product INSULIN
Lo-cal LITE
Blue hue TEAL
Breakfast choice CEREAL
Haitian practice VOODOO
Hospital worker INTERN
Medusa’s hair SNAKES
Computer key SHIFT
Isn’t well AILS
Bring to bear EXERT
Overdue LATE
Take the title WIN
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