Thomas Joseph Crossword Answers November 17, 2023

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Author: Thomas Joseph


Chops into fine bits RICES
Sore spots ACHES
Extreme pain AGONY
River of Provence RHONE
Essential INNER
Dull finish MATTE
Morse bit DOT
Screw up ERR
Favoring PRO
Auditor’s org. IRS
Genuine REAL
Jazz style BOP
Flow out EBB
Fare carriers TAXIS
Upper limits CAPS
“— Kapital” DAS
Ump’s call OUT
Set fire to LIT
Treater’s words ITSONME
Summer sign LEO
Put away STORE
Squirrel’s find ACORN
Nearby CLOSE
Sculptor Henry MOORE
Madrid mister SENOR
Had title to OWNED


Corporate shark RAIDER
Disregard IGNORE
Double-reed instrument CONTRABASSOON
Compass dir. ENE
Waffle topper SYRUP
Radius, e.g. ARMBONE
Scorch CHAR
Ride with a basket HOTAIRBALLOON
Complete ENTIRE
Garden starters SEEDS
Twosomes: Abbr. PRS
Bagel topper LOX
Jackson 5 hit ABC
Lead the way PIONEER
Total SUM
Dakota city PIERRE
Brake shapes DISCS
I love you: Sp. TEAMO
Roughly ORSO
Farm grazer COW
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