Thomas Joseph Crossword Answers November 19, 2021

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Author: Thomas Joseph


Much of a chess set PAWNS
Laughs heartily HOWLS
Merman of musicals ETHEL
Improvised ADHOC
“Keen!” NEATO
Mother of Harry and William DIANA
Contrived PAT
Gardener, at times PLANTER
Cigar bit ASH
Was inactive SAT
Parched DRY
Book part LEAF
Lushes WINOS
Kilmer of “The Doors” VAL
— chi TAI
Ibis’s cousin HERON
Office head BOSS
Pronoun for Miss Piggy MOI
Oolong or pekoe TEA
Humorist WIT
Uncertain INDOUBT
Depression, e.g. ERA
Planet circlers MOONS
Cake unit LAYER
Bert’s chum ERNIE
Make amends ATONE
Particulars, in slang DEETS
Grinch-creating Dr. SEUSS


Long-distance writer PENPAL
Not tense ATEASE
Hoop attachment NET
Feeds the pigs SLOPS
Bickered HADATIT
Valhalla bigwig ODIN
Buyer’s question WHATDOIOWEYOU
Antisocial sorts LONERS
Like horror movies SCARY
Judge’s concern LAW
Remote FAR
Catch NAB
Water flowers LOTUSES
Writer Balzac HONORE
S. Dak. neighbor NEB
Ambulance sounds SIRENS
Icy looks STARES
Acted out MIMED
One of the Titans ATLAS
“Consider the matter handled” ONIT
Had a nosh ATE
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