Thomas Joseph Crossword Answers November 26, 2021

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Author: Thomas Joseph


City on the Tiber ROME
Hightails it LAMS
Like argon INERT
Blow one’s top ERUPT
Caesar’s land TERRA
Game host EMCEE
List-shortening abbr. ETC
Drama division ACT
Past plump OBESE
Enjoy some turkey EAT
Director Lee ANG
Mined fuel COAL
Churlish fellows BOORS
Outback runner EMU
Smith or Jones, e.g. SURNAME
Most frilly LACIEST
Recipe unit CUP
Skimpy swimwear THONG
Stage comment ASIDE
Gravy’s kin SAUCE
Play setting STAGE
Rigging support SPAR
Calls on USES


Ceremonies RITES
Boxing combo ONETWO
Go astray ERR
Lewd looks LEERS
Prepares for war ARMS
Spanish thanks MUCHASGRACIAS
Oration SPEECH
Least spirited TAMEST
Snappish TESTY
Pub offering ALE
Schnitzel meat VEAL
Shortly, in poems ANON
Big arteries AORTAS
Scots and Irish CELTS
Sioux people OMAHAS
Tour carrier BUS
Printer’s goof SMUDGE
Rocker Bob SEGER
Foils’ cousins EPEES
Cuzco native INCA
“Fifth Beatle” Sutcliffe STU
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