Thomas Joseph Crossword Answers October 12, 2021

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Author: Thomas Joseph


Thin-layered mineral MICA
“Wouldn’t that be great!” IWISH
Wise saying ADAGE
Spider-Man’s alter ego PETERPARKER
— Vegas LAS
Fellows MEN
Belief, in brief ISM
Draw out ELICIT
Presidential power VETO
Persia, today IRAN
Words of action VERBS
Whittle down PARE
Recesses NOOKS
Prayer finish AMEN
Long-plumed birds EGRETS
Work wk. start MON
Favoring PRO
At present NOW
“My Favorite Year” star PETEROTOOLE
Degrade ABASE
“Tiny Alice” playwright ALBEE
Like seawater SALTY
Force DINT


Syrup source MAPLE
Worthy aims IDEALS
Keep tabs on a tabby CATSIT
Historic time AGE
“— Old Cowhand (From the Rio Grande)” IMAN
Fighting WAR
More black INKIER
Midday break SIESTA
Royal fur ERMINE
Grammy-winning pianist PETERNERO
Witch group COVEN
Cap feature VISOR
Colombia capital BOGOTA
Grassy plains PAMPAS
One-celled creature AMOEBA
Tourist’s car RENTAL
Obi-Wan — KENOBI
Hot, in a way STOLEN
Sugary SWEET
Hunted animal PREY
Superlative suffix EST
Ancient OLD
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