Thomas Joseph Crossword Answers October 15, 2021

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Author: Thomas Joseph


Cube’s six FACES
More than sufficient AMPLE
Superior to ABOVE
Rid of rind PARED
Jeans material DENIM
Expansive BROAD
Impertinent FLIP
Questionable IFFY
Pro votes AYES
Skin woe ACNE
Tour carrier BUS
Reaches by air FLIESTO
Kind of metabolism BASAL
Fiery crime ARSON
Lively, in music ANIMATO
Suffering ILL
Savvy about ONTO
Sacred HOLY
Heredity unit GENE
Wilson of “Rushmore” OWEN
Stockpile AMASS
Modify ADAPT
Colorful flower TULIP
Dome home IGLOO
School paper ESSAY
Peevish TESTY


Rage FAD
Presidential nickname ABE
Church fixtures CONFESSIONALS
Contents of Pandora’s box EVILS
Big rig SEMI
LAPD issuance APB
Book part LEAF
Vortex EDDY
“Fernando” group ABBA
China’s currency YUAN
“See ya!” CIAO
Level FLAT
Turnpike cost TOLL
Memory loss AMNESIA
Overly TOO
Bushy boundary HEDGE
Airport area GATE
Outback birds EMUS
“Hold on!” WAIT
Bond, for one SPY
Lobster trap POT
Gift from Santa TOY
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