Thomas Joseph Crossword Answers October 16, 2021

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Author: Thomas Joseph


Pottery piece SHARD
Elephant of stories BABAR
Become narrower TAPER
Chosen few ELITE
Parts of hearts ATRIA
Critical asset TASTE
Plug parts PRONGS
Smidge TAD
Cariou of “Blue Bloods” LEN
Game quests SAFARIS
Harris and Asner EDS
“Gunsmoke” marshal DILLON
Like some verbs MODAL
Beethoven’s first LUDWIG
Rap’s — Nas X LIL
Early hour ONE
Pharaoh’s symbol ASP
Black Sea port ODESSA
Act the coquette FLIRT
Indian, e.g. OCEAN
Ready for bed TIRED
Petulant sound WHINE
Garden starters SEEDS
Famous NOTED


Basic need STAPLE
Kitchen coverings APRONS
Horse halter REIN
Severely burdens DRAGSDOWN
Track act BET
Imitating ALA
Café’s cousin BISTRO
Oboe parts REEDS
Tied the knot SAIDIDO
Maximum amount ALL
1501, in old Rome MDI
Caron of “Gigi” LESLIE
Worker at home UMPIRE
Blow one’s top LOSEIT
Preposterous INSANE
Inclined LEANED
River vessels RAFTS
Cave sound ECHO
Danger signal RED
Six-pt. scores TDS
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