Title for two Beatles Crossword Clue Answer

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Question: Title for two Beatles

Solution: SIR

SIR Definition 1:
used without a name as a form of polite address to a man you do not know compare ma’am madam miss.
May I help you, sir?
Sir, your order is ready.
SIR Definition 2:
used without a name as a form of polite address to a man of rank or authority (such as a military or police officer, teacher, or master) .
“At ease, lieutenant.” “Yes sir, captain.”
Sir, I don’t think I was speeding.
Sir, can you help me with this math problem?
Dinner is ready, sir.
SIR Definition 3:
used without a name as a form of address at the beginning of a formal letter .
Dear Sir or Madam
Dear Sir/Sirs
SIR Definition 4:
used as a title before the name of a knight or baronet .
Sir Lancelot
Sir Charles
Sir Elton John
Sir Walter Scott
SIR Definition 5:
used in the phrases no sir and yes sir for emphasis, to show surprise, etc. .
I will not have that man in my home, no sir. [=no sirree]
That was a wonderful dinner. Yes sir. [=yes sirree]
“She couldn’t have said that to her mom.” “Yes sir, she sure did.”
“The teacher caught them kissing.” “No sir! She did?”

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