Trombone part Crossword Clue Answer

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Question: Trombone part

Solution: SLIDE

SLIDE Definition 1:
To move smoothly along a surface no obj + obj .
The door slides open easily.
The firefighters slid down the pole to their trucks.
He slid the bottle across the table.
Slide your finger along the seam.
She slid the paper under the door.
SLIDE Definition 2:
To move over ice or snow smoothly and often in a way that cannot be controlled .
He slid across the ice.
Cars were slipping and sliding all over the roads during the snowstorm.
SLIDE Definition 3:
To slip and fall .
Her purse slid out of her hands.
The strap of her dress kept sliding down/off.
SLIDE Definition 4:
To move or pass smoothly and easily into or out of something no obj + obj .
She slid into the booth beside us.
He slid into [=began doing] his impersonation of the president.
He slid the key into his pocket.
He always finds a way to slide in a reference to his new book.
SLIDE Definition 5:
To move so you or your movements are not noticed no obj + obj .
They slid [=slipped] out of the room when nobody was looking.
He quietly slid the money into my hand.
SLIDE Definition 6:
To become gradually worse over time .
His parents are concerned that their son’s grades have started to slide. [=worsen]
Sales figures have been sliding [=declining] for the last three quarters.
The restaurant’s new management is really letting the quality of the food slide.
SLIDE Definition 7:
To dive toward a base to avoid being tagged out .
He slid into second base.

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