Universal Crossword Answers April 02, 2021

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Author: by Nate Cardin


Many are mown LAWNS
Loud kiss sound SMACK
Arthur of “The Golden Girls” BEA
Sneeze sound ACHOO
Body of authentic works CANON
Not even ODD
Car named after a beachfront city CHEVYMALIBU
Outdoor goods retailer REI
Bigfoot’s cousin YETI
“___ we having fun yet?” ARE
Large wading bird CRANE
Japanese dish with panko crumbs CHICKENKATSU
Tart citrus cooler LIMEADE
Pinball violation TILT
“What ___!” (“This place needs cleaning!”) AMESS
Sweet way to raise money BAKESALE
“The Chi” network, for short SHO
Word before “accent” or “angle” ACUTE
Identifier that isn’t the same as gender SEX
“What did you think of that test?” HOWWASIT
Practical application USAGE
Still having a chance INIT
“___ of nothing …” APROPOS
One may include a sidecar COCKTAILMENU
Heart parts ATRIA
Egyptian snake ASP
Attention-getting sound PSST
Revolutionary Guevara CHE
“Crazy Rich Asians” star CONSTANCEWU
Dress edge HEM
Admission of defeat ILOSE
“Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat” chef Nosrat SAMIN
Important time ERA
Beelzebub DEVIL
Japanese cartoon genre ANIME


Like some delicate lingerie LACY
Massage target ACHE
Stimulate, as an appetite WHET
Beginners NOVICES
Kind of sauce in sukiyaki SOY
Few and far between SCARCE
Rami with a Best Actor Oscar MALEK
“32 Flavors” singer DiFranco ANI
Corn on the ___ COB
Finger joint KNUCKLE
Sacha Baron Cohen persona BORAT
Perfect places EDENS
French farewell ADIEU
___ of honor speech MAID
“Darn it!” RATS
Chooses to order HAS
French for “state” ETAT
Athletic shoe brand NIKE
Mascara target LASH
Texter’s “If you ask me …” IMHO
Kitten’s comment MEOW
However BUT
“On the double!” ASAP
Toy company with “Star Wars” sets LEGO
Former partners EXES
Where Kobe and Kolkata are ASIA
___ Field (Mets’ ballpark) CITI
User-edited site WIKI
Tums product ANTACID
Coffee server URN
Andy Warhol exhibit holder? SOUPCAN
Dutch beer brand AMSTEL
Salt-N-___ PEPA
Private stockpile CACHE
Treat as different from oneself, in modern lingo OTHER
Espresso foam CREMA
Classic Indian drink hidden in this clue LASSI
18-wheeler SEMI
Do laps in the pool SWIM
Melody TUNE
“Bravo!” in Barcelona OLE
Thanksgiving mo. NOV
Org. whose middle letter stands for “Security” NSA
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