Universal Crossword Answers April 03, 2021

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Author: by Alex Rosen


Skippy competitor JIF
Standoffish ALOOF
Machine parts COGS
___ code map AREA
Tubular pasta PENNE
Taken by mouth ORAL
Redoes / Runs faster than (insert 61-Across between letters 5 and 6 in this answer) WORKSPACES
Tart sherbet flavor LIME
Musical with the song “Tomorrow” ANNIE
Book jacket / Audibly (… between letters 5 and 6 …) DUSTCLOUD
One spelling for a Plains dwelling TEEPEE
___-and-peck HUNT
Big name in rum BACARDI
Included on an email CCED
Periods of time ERAS
Hoppy beer letters IPA
Peanut butter cup brand REESES
One who may skip the line, briefly VIP
Came for dinner / Something unusual (… between letters 3 and 4 …) ATELIER
Earth-friendly prefix ECO
Start of a shoppe name YEOLDE
Org. that X-rays luggage TSA
“Let’s go!” CMON
Derby calculation ODDS
Bite symptom ITCHING
German Mrs. FRAU
Straight, informally HETERO
Vacuum brand / No longer published (… between letters 2 and 3 …) HOOFPRINT
Get up ARISE
“At ___, soldier!” EASE
Nonsensical radio signoff OVERANDOUT
Arab ruler EMIR
Wide-eyed primate LEMUR
Phoenix ballers SUNS
Recolors DYES
Appliance for onion rings FRYER
Where eagles fly SKY


Cloaked humanoid in “Star Wars” JAWA
Get the wrinkles out of IRON
Plant with fronds FERN
Apt rhyme of “tap” APP
Clue weapon whose token is bent LEADPIPE
When prompted ONCUE
“Just a moment!” ONESEC
Ending for Oktober? FEST
Conspire (with) COLLUDE
Belted constellation ORION
Run the ___ GAMUT
Toboggan, for instance SLED
Japanese dogs AKITAS
Crystal ball gazer SEER
“Ole!” or “Hooray!” CHEER
Reworded, perhaps EDITED
Large group BEVY
R&B’s India.___ ARIE
Mafia boss CAPO
Come up with CREATE
Key near the space bar ALT
Vehicle with many axles SEMI
Finance major’s subj. ECON
Dance partner? SONG
Compute the sum of ADDUP
Question about a rumor ISITTRUE
Slip-on shoes LOAFERS
Groups of musical notes CHORDS
React to cold SHIVER
___-Grape (Ocean Spray flavor) CRAN
Like the top of a cappuccino FOAMY
Woman who had a riveting job? ROSIE
Lex Luthor, to Superman ENEMY
Pay attention to HEED
Massage deeply ROLF
Debt slips IOUS
Dropped to the bottom SUNK
Online crafts source ETSY
“I can’t read this treasure map!” ARR
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