Universal Crossword Answers April 09, 2021

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Author: by Brian Gubin


Epic tale SAGA
Comedian/actress Tyler AISHA
“For sure,” informally DEF
Sesame or blueberry food BAGEL
Was overly fond DOTED
One may be pierced EAR
*Youngest Stooge CURLYHOWARD
Tire measure: Abbr. PSI
Top-notch CLASSA
Org. for physicians AMA
Assistance AID
Show with Digital Shorts, briefly SNL
Common shade tree ELM
“Binging With Babish” YouTuber Andrew REA
*Business run from home COTTAGEINDUSTRY
Naked BARE
Title for Galahad SIR
Word hidden in the Wendy’s logo MOM
___ team (dance group) STEP
Gunk on a log SAP
Have to have NEED
Carefully evaluate VET
Sine ___ non QUA
Crushing on INTO
*Close-to-the-ground baseball play SHOESTRINGCATCH
“The Star-Spangled Banner” contraction OER
Hyundai subsidiary KIA
Spanish for “aunt” TIA
Fraction of an hr. MIN
Protein synthesis molecule RNA
Toast in Tel Aviv LCHAIM
___ trip (vain journey) EGO
*Restaurant chain that uses a lot of syrup WAFFLEHOUSE
“I’ve got it!” AHA
Really, really love ADORE
Break things off ENDIT
Highest degree in math? NTH
Copy, like a test? XEROX
Hits the slopes SKIS


“Better Call ___” SAUL
Indian city that anagrams to “raga” AGRA
Comes together GELS
Milano who’s a leader in the #MeToo movement ALYSSA
Big fuss ADO
State known for caucuses IOWA
Pollen source STAMEN
Royal messenger HERALD
Tack on ADD
One gets a head in school DEPARTMENT
More doable EASIER
When you’re likely solving this puzzle, and a phonetic hint to the starred answers’ starts FRIDAY
Secretly loop in BCC
Dangles HANGS
Garlands of flowers LEIS
Silent MUM
“I Love Lucy” channel, once CBS
Grain that can lower cholesterol OAT
“Born a Crime” memoirist TREVORNOAH
Home on the Plains TEPEE
Baghdad resident IRAQI
Justice Sotomayor SONIA
Kick from a football team? PUNT
List-ending abbr. ETC
Catchphrase for Homer DOH
Chiding syllable TSK
“Nasty!” SOMEAN
Asset for most NBA players HEIGHT
Angry speech TIRADE
Sought, as office RANFOR
Secret hoards CACHES
Hairstyle for The Weeknd AFRO
Show displeasure from your car HONK
Its logo is four interlocking rings AUDI
Goddess who resurrected Osiris ISIS
Got together MET
Hair removal choice WAX
Supervillain Luthor LEX
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