Universal Crossword Answers April 10, 2021

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Author: by Evan Kalish


Straightforward BASIC
Flaky fish COD
“Feel” a barre class ACHE
Get away from ELUDE
Place to see stalagmites CAVE
Invisible protection in sci-fi FORCEFIELD
Natives of southwestern Colorado UTES
Painting on plaster FRESCO
Plant breeder’s repository SEEDBANK
Extremity END
Radius’ place ARM
Squeak-squelching stuff OIL
Below zero, perhaps FREEZINGCOLD
Alternative to a ring or a hoop STUD
Product samples DEMOS
Prefix for “cache” or “politics” GEO
Lion’s warning ROAR
Strands of smoke WISPS
Flexed BENT
___ Young Band (country group) ELI
Waze suggestion ROUTE
Pharma products MEDS
Bawl SOB
Slowly nurse SIP
“Fresh Off the Boat” network ABC
Afro-Brazilian martial art incorporating dance and music CAPOEIRA
Gaynor with the hit “I Will Survive” GLORIA
Budget-conscious company? AVIS
Be a good example? FITTHEMOLD
Number of square feet in a square yard NINE
“Move over!” SCOOT
“Gotcha” ISEE
Gridiron six-pointers: Abbr. TDS
Exciting quality OOMPH
Review session focus TEST


P.R. blunder GAFFE
Part of a squirrel’s store ACORN
Destroy, as a sensitive document SHRED
Chest muscles, informally PECS
“I’ve said it ___ …” BEFORE
Comedian Wong ALI
Takes to court SUES
Just sitting there IDLE
Yield by treaty CEDE
Made a list of CATALOGED
Tandoor, e.g. OVEN
___ jockey (slang for an office worker) DESK
Shaped like a regular die CUBIC
Digital birthday greeting ECARD
Some are adopted from shelters DOGS
Channel of communication MEDIUM
Sphynx cat’s lack FUR
Like food with a kick ZESTY
Pushes into action IMPELS
Denials NOS
Magnifying glass, for one LENS
Part of a URL DOT
Without backup SOLO
Emotional upheavals TAILSPINS
Red flag tosser REF
“That’s incredible!” WOW
Where to plant flowers BED
Judge’s garment ROBE
Syrup source MAPLE
Not bound together LOOSE
Amendment prohibiting cruel and unusual punishment EIGHTH
Came up AROSE
Simone who won four Olympic gold medals in 2016 BILES
West Point student CADET
“I ___ take you anywhere!” CANT
Enthusiastic AVID
“Should that be the case …” IFSO
Puerto ___ RICO
Particle once modeled as “plum pudding” ATOM
Leave out OMIT
Dreidel, for one TOP
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