Universal Crossword Answers April 27, 2021

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Author: by Sally Hoelscher and Brooke Husic


Woe for a streamer LAG
Sign of a Realtor’s success? SOLD
Ancient Andeans INCAS
Yours and mine OURS
“With this ring I ___ wed” THEE
Tennis star/activist Osaka NAOMI
On better behavior, to Santa NICER
See 10-Down GAUFF
Drain of energy SAP
Card-guessing ability, for short ESP
Issa of “The Lovebirds” RAE
2019 film with “digital fur technology” CATS
Gets a head start on the day WAKESUPEARLY
Hagia ___ (Istanbul mosque) SOPHIA
Colorado people UTE
Stead LIEU
Work, as dough KNEAD
Malia, to Sasha, briefly SIS
Try to get GOFOR
“Law & Order: SVU” co-star ICET
Word before “pal” or “name” PEN
Apt-sounding name for a sincere person? ERNEST
Philanthropist who wrote “The Moment of Lift” MELINDAGATES
Fly high SOAR
___ Bo TAE
Tarnish MAR
Ice cream drinks MALTS
Budget exec CFO
“Level Up” singer CIARA
Honolulu greeting ALOHA
Description in many a travel guide, and a hint to a word concealed in 17-, 28- and 44-Across HIDDENGEM
Busy month for CPAs APRIL
Little whirlpool EDDY
Point value of EIGHT in Scrabble NINE
Like sweaty palms MOIST
Prescription amount DOSE
White Claw or Schweppes container CAN


File, as a complaint LODGE
Intangible vibes AURAS
Pool together GROUP
City in eastern Mo. STL
“Ah, understood” OHISEE
Emmy winner Waithe LENA
Singer’s lesser-known songs DEEPCUTS
Inherent INNATE
Places to get manicures NAILSALONS
With 20-Across, tennis star/activist who upset Venus Williams at age 15 COCO
“Well said!” AMEN
Father, as a horse SIRE
Beach lotion initials SPF
Letters before an alias AKA
“Great” animal APE
“Could you please explain?!” WHATISTHIS
Seeking damages SUING
Teeming RIFE
Many August babies LEOS
Round dwelling YURT
Look over quickly SKIM
“___ is enough” ONCE
Bananagrams shout PEEL
Googled, say SEARCHED
Mykonos’ country GREECE
Kissing on the sidewalk, e.g., briefly PDA
Lyft info ETA
Margarita option NOSALT
Disagreeing ATODDS
Sorceress’s specialty MAGIC
Amway Center, for one ARENA
Noodle soup that might be topped with an egg RAMEN
Polite address MAAM
Iams competitior ALPO
Model Harvey LORI
Generic dog name FIDO
Holiday ___ INN
Henna, for instance DYE
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