Universal Crossword Answers April 28, 2021

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Author: by Adrian Johnson


Lo mein vessels WOKS
___ pal GAL
“Austin Powers” genre SPYFI
Diva’s showstopper ARIA
Victoria’s Secret garment, informally CAMI
On the horizon AHEAD
Boating hazard REEF
Perched on ATOP
Circus structures TENTS
Guns N’ Roses power ballad NOVEMBERRAIN
“The ___ is as near as we come to another world” (Anne Stevenson) SEA
Mistakes ERRORS
Nail polish brand OPI
Leading woman ALPHAFEMALE
Like futile situations NOWIN
Tupperware tops LIDS
Looked at EYED
Reaches across SPANS
Pennsylvania, e.g., in D.C. AVE
Scottish cattle breed ANGUS
Sicilian volcano ETNA
Taiwanese computer maker ACER
Cook with a little oil, say SAUTE
Class you can’t get through alone? TANGOLESSON
Org. with Ducks and Penguins NHL
Like some fence wire BARBED
Cause of restlessness for a princess PEA
Galas for movie stars OSCARPARTIES
Biggest U.S. lake by volume, after the Great Lakes TAHOE
Tab at a restaurant, or what you might use to pay it BILL
Muppet who testified before Congress ELMO
Serbs or Bosnians SLAVS
Pleasure trips’ focuses? EGOS
Egyptian goddess of life ISIS
Toys for windy days KITES
Parlor image, briefly TAT
Grp. spelled using its own alphabet at the starts of 19-, 29-, 43- and 50-Across NATO


Caution WARN
Treat that had a Watermelon flavor OREO
Capital of Ukraine KIEV
Places to keep valuables SAFES
Suffix meaning “scandal” GATE
Love, in Caracas AMOR
They see what you’re saying LIPREADERS
“South Park” or “The Onion” SATIRE
Extraordinary happenings PHENOMENA
Japanese currency YEN
Blubber FAT
Things shown to TSA agents IDS
Conspiratorial group CABAL
Statistical averages MEANS
Some sounds from a Lab ARFS
Futuristic weapon RAYGUN
Detective SLEUTH
Start, as of symptoms ONSET
Can convenience POPTAB
“Lemme do it!” IWANNA
Did some gambling PLACEDABET
Queen bees’ places HIVES
Notorious Ford flop EDSEL
Performing well INAGROOVE
Ed of “Elf” ASNER
Actor Baldwin ALEC
Fixate (on) OBSESS
Milky fall birthstones OPALS
Dined at home ATEIN
Capital of Latvia RIGA
Need for building a house or story PLOT
“Casablanca” role for Ingrid ILSA
Give off EMIT
Passable SOSO
Disapproving sound TSK
Mahershala of “Moonlight” ALI
Fez, e.g. HAT
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