Universal Crossword Answers April 30, 2021

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Author: by Evan Kalish


Self-referential META
Place for a clip-on mic LAPEL
Makeout sesh at the movies, e.g. PDA
Composer Stravinsky IGOR
Voice of Amazon? ALEXA
“What have we ___?” HERE
Sites of some alphanumeric keypads TOUCHTONEPHONES
“… and so on”: Abbr. ETC
Bakery fixtures OVENS
Available at the bar, in a way ONTAP
Jacobson of “Broad City” ABBI
Overly proper PRISSY
2007 neo-noir crime film GONEBABYGONE
Place for a painting in progress EASEL
“The Farewell” director Wang LULU
Emulated Michael Phelps or Katie Ledecky SWAM
“I solved it!” AHA
Captivates ENAMORS
December 24 or 31 EVE
Fanny RUMP
Peas, perhaps, in a food fight AMMO
Exfoliation targets PORES
Sporty Chevy CAMARO
They get paid to play PROS
Voice a view OPINE
“Inferno” author DANTE
___ milk (vegan drink) OAT
“You can’t change the past” WHATSDONEISDONE
Prom ride LIMO
Ancient worshipper of Tezcatlipoca and Tlaloc AZTEC
Bone ending at the elbow ULNA
Lower, like lights DIM
Good ones never go unpunished, they say DEEDS
Laudatory works ODES


Dust ___ MITE
Four-award achievement, slangily EGOT
Froot Loops mascot TOUCANSAM
Word aptly found in “polar curve” ARC
Country on the Baltic Sea LATVIA
Balm ingredient ALOE
Ivy in Philly PENN
Previous partners EXES
Daytona 500 unit LAP
Impostors PHONIES
Body shop jobs DENTS
2-D geometry calculations AREAS
Arthur Ashe Courage Award, e.g. ESPY
Walk with difficulty HOBBLE
Rhino feature HORN
Hive dweller BEE
Rain cats and dogs POUR
Drive or reverse GEAR
Hawaiian home of Disney’s Aulani resort OAHU
Make a scapegoat BLAME
“Mmm, dee-lish!” YUMMY
Doom’s partner GLOOM
“Can you believe it’s our 20th reunion already?!” WERESOOLD
Declare AVER
Organizer’s challenge MESS
Prefix smaller than micro- NANO
Sources of mold growths SPORES
Mysterious masked man of Broadway PHANTOM
Activist/artist Yoko ONO
Raw mine extracts ORES
Public perception OPTICS
___ neck sweater COWL
Tiny nuisance in a garden APHID
Little Havana’s Florida city MIAMI
Take a siesta DOZE
Chip in chips ANTE
Can’t live without NEED
“Rachel Getting Married” actress Hathaway ANNE
Herbal brews TEAS
Stay-at-home ___ DAD
Performing pair DUO
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