Universal Crossword Answers August 02, 2020

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Author: by Paul Coulter


Itsy-bitsy bits ATOMS
Big name in trucks MACK
Charon’s river STYX
’80s-’90s Susan Dey series LALAW
Turing profiled in “The Imitation Game” ALAN
A surgeon may focus on one’s limbs TREE
“This bad luck can’t go on forever” IMDUE
Carrot, for many a snowman NOSE
Remote batteries, often AAAS
___ Bo TAE
John, to Ringo? LOO
Everything ALL
That dude’s HIS
Succeed in a kids’ game involving grabbing and tagging STEALTHEBACON
Snake with a puff variety ADDER
Water from Coca-Cola DASANI
___ of the draw LUCK
Word before “still” or “tight” SIT
Suddenly flip out SNAP
Vegas casino with the mascot Lucky the Leprechaun OSHEAS
Father, in Chile PADRE
What too many cooks do, it’s said SPOILTHEBROTH
Controversial sense, for short ESP
Scooby-___ DOO
Dog often crossed with a poodle LAB
Appear in a play ACT
Play a kissing game SPINTHEBOTTLE
Qatar’s capital DOHA
Greek H’s ETAS
Hash ingredient, informally TATER
Mireille of “World War Z” ENOS
EGOT winner Moreno RITA
“That is to say …” IMEAN
Cried WEPT
Erupt SPEW
Popular mints CERTS


Most-wanted invitees ALIST
Buccaneers’ city TAMPA
Songs such as “When I’m Sixty-Four” OLDIES
Handle roughly MAUL
Ballooned SWELLED
Sewer system entrances MANHOLES
Burn balm ALOE
“Rock the ___” (1982 hit) CASBAH
Prepared to propose KNEELED
“South Park” boy STAN
Icon at one end of a Mac’s Dock TRASHCAN
Senator’s assent YEA
Cancels, with “out” XES
Contemptible one TOAD
Jessica who founded The Honest Company ALBA
College in New Rochelle IONA
Cut with scissors SNIP
LGBTQ+ activist George TAKEI
Balderdash TRIPE
Good point? ASSET
Shake, as a pursuer LOSE
FedEx rival USPS
Stolen vehicle’s destination CHOPSHOP
Motorized woodworking tool TABLESAW
German-based grocery chain ALDI
Potheads STONERS
Emotionless ROBOTIC
Inside bit of racetrack advice HOTTIP
March Hare’s friend HATTER
Shoe’s traction aid CLEAT
Seabirds with forked tails TERNS
After the hour PAST
Abhor HATE
Far from feral TAME
Drops on a lawn DEW
Under ___ roof ONE
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