Universal Crossword Answers August 03, 2020

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Author: by Stu Ockman


Geico mascot GECKO
Semis RIGS
Big ___ (large sets to mine) DATA
Islam deity ALLAH
Computer whose plural sounds like a big-screen format IMAC
Egyptian goddess invoked in “The Magic Flute” ISIS
Concrete floors, e.g. SLABS
Dorothy’s basketful TOTO
Darth Vader, for one SITH
Colombian currency PESO
Soreness for LeBron James? LAKERSACHE
A few SOME
Foiled villain’s cry CURSES
Caprice for Katie Ledecky? SWIMMERSWHIM
Tinder profile part, informally PIC
Muse of love poetry ERATO
Lukewarm TEPID
Like a brainiac SMART
Animated explorer DORA
Hollywood VIP CELEB
Animal on a Buffalo nickel BISON
Kitchen spray choice PAM
Ancient letter for Perry Como? CROONERSRUNE
Looks that may be icy STARES
Water-resistant cover TARP
Tropical getaway for Roger Bannister? MILERSISLE
Band aids? AMPS
News piece about a life, briefly OBIT
Inventor’s inspiration IDEA
Gobbled down ATEUP
Unlike unicorns REAL
Skedaddled FLED
The Wizard of ___ Park (Thomas Edison) MENLO
Custom birdhouse website ETSY
Desires YENS
Full-grown ADULT


Astonished reaction GASP
“Legally Blonde” protagonist Woods ELLE
Genre for Bach, Beethoven and Brahms CLASSICAL
Big explosion sound KABOOM
Honey Graham ___ OHS
Meter maid in a Beatles song RITA
“Don’t worry about me” IMOK
End of a political scandal name GATE
Over-sear? SCORCH
Took weapons from DISARMED
Puma rival ASICS
Church donation TITHE
Phoenix’s remains ASHES
Creepy looks LEERS
Management figure SUIT
Sra., across the Pyrenees MME
What many freelancers write on? SPEC
It may be barbed WIRE
“___: Last Blood” (2019 action film) RAMBO
Besmirch STAIN
Like a B+, vis-a-vis an A- WORSE
One may appear when you mouse over something POPUPMENU
Persia, today IRAN
Title for Joan Sutherland DAME
In confidence SECRETLY
Linzer ___ (Austrian pastry) TORTE
Uncle Remus title BRER
Cybersecurity grp. NSA
Bone up? OSSIFY
Like “Moonlight” and “Parasite” RRATED
Dessert with a gooey center SMORE
Himalayan land TIBET
Anna Gram, say, for a wordsmith ALIAS
Twiddling one’s thumbs IDLE
No longer hidden SEEN
Fellas LADS
Influence PULL
Leopard marking SPOT
Health advocacy org. AMA
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