Universal Crossword Answers August 04, 2020

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Author: by Evan Kalish


Large liquid holders VATS
The first “R” of R&R REST
Bird with blue eggs ROBIN
Reverberation ECHO
Prefix for “correct” or “tune” AUTO
Long-stemmed mushroom ENOKI
Shine’s counterpart RAIN
End-of-week cry TGIF
DHL alternative FEDEX
Look up how to play a game via a Microsoft search engine? BINGTHERULES
Rooster’s partner HEN
Franklin dubbed Queen of Soul ARETHA
Furious taxonomic group? ANGEREDSPECIES
One might be slotted SPOON
Fencing sword EPEE
Jan. honoree MLK
Desire WANT
Guide who may show you hidden gems LOCAL
Vitriol BILE
Star pitcher ACE
Living room fixture SOFA
At this point BYNOW
Tibias, quadriceps and so on? THESTUFFOFLEGS
Feasts commemorating the Exodus SEDERS
Flying mammal BAT
What a slog may appear to have, or a hint to the word deleted from 20-, 28- and 43-Across NOENDINSIGHT
Palindromic river rental KAYAK
State across the Missouri from Nebraska IOWA
Something in a jamb DOOR
Piccolo cousin FLUTE
Mogul CZAR
“At ___, soldier!” EASE
Parts of Wonder Woman and Supergirl costumes CAPES
Lane’s Daily Planet co-worker KENT
Trebek on the Hollywood Walk of Fame ALEX


“Cross,” “word” or “puzzle,” at times VERB
Trendy berry ACAI
Slender THIN
Karaoke selection SONG
“Au contraire …” RATHER
Actor Levy EUGENE
Faux turkey ingredient TOFU
Red card issuer REFEREE
“Be right with you” ONESEC
Beach ___ BOD
’50s prez IKE
Put the kibosh on NIX
“___ what happened?” THEN
Place for a patriotic pin LAPEL
Comedian’s asset TIMING
Conversation starters? HELLOS
Slightly crooked ASKEW
Southwestern native APACHE
“That’s unnecessary” NONEED
Comprehended GOT
Drink that won’t make you hyper DECAF
Mani-pedi locale SPA
Smacks, as a fly SWATS
Scoundrel LOUSE
Position with no power? OFF
“Adios!” BYE
Rowing movements STROKES
Sandwiches with meaty strips, for short BLTS
Capitol Hill body SENATE
Kenobi who served in the Clone Wars OBIWAN
Unofficial drawings of characters, e.g. FANART
Razor mishap NICK
Catch some Z’s DOZE
Novel thought IDEA
Outdoor spigot attachment HOSE
Fearsome dino TREX
Col. Sanders’ chain KFC
___ carte ALA
“Uh-huh” YUP
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