Universal Crossword Answers August 06, 2022

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Author: by Billy Bratton


Type of boat lodged in Niagara Falls for more than 100 years SCOW
Rapper’s rhythmic pattern FLOW
Gem with a play of color OPAL
Hedging words in an estimate ORSO
Big game venue ARENA
Fancy fabric spelled with the same consonants as “limo” LAME
“Midnite Vultures” singer-songwriter BECK
Perfect pair PEASINAPOD
Word before “lettuce” or “cucumber” SEA
Moralistic types PRUDES
Drink like a cat LAP
British bathroom LOO
Shows excess concern FUSSES
Room littered with dirty clothes, e.g. MESS
Sleep disorder APNEA
Able to be tried SANE
Edge of a hat BRIM
Made with more than just Nestle Toll House chips, say DOUBLECHOCOLATE
Certain gender-fluid person, for short ENBY
Where insults are said to stick CRAW
Voltaire, religiously DEIST
One might be personal or technical FOUL
Talks immodestly BOASTS
Donkey ASS
Korean American actor Philip AHN
Forum regular who doesn’t post messages LURKER
Damage control experts SPINDOCTORS
Not trans CIS
Prime time? FINESTHOUR
Apiece EACH
A single time ONCE
Vowels in “Old MacDonald” EIEIO
Site such as Fandom WIKI
Wetland growth REED
Not as much LESS
Singer born Eithne Padraigin Ni Bhraonain ENYA


Weeps SOBS
Furtively approach CREEPUPON
Academy slight OSCARSNUB
Moo goo gai pan pan WOK
Worries FRETS
Remini of “The King of Queens” LEAH
Product line? ONSALENOW
“Hold on!” WAITASEC
Minnesota’s St. ___ College OLAF
Like the Holy See PAPAL
BP subsidiary AMOCO
Resulted in LEDTO
Vaulted recesses of churches APSES
They should last 10-20 minutes, per many sleep experts NAPS
Perfect IDEAL
Lead-in to a cooking date? USEBY
Become dim FADE
Taj ___ MAHAL
Certain ponytail holder SCRUNCHIE
Dreary BLEAK
Create a disturbance RAISECAIN
“Hard to know what to do” ITSTRICKY
Citi Field players METS
Lodging that may be LEED-certified ECOHOTEL
Noble gases lack them ODORS
Beanie Babies and Wordle, for two FADS
Southwestern pack animal BURRO
In regard to ASFOR
Book title spot SPINE
“Well, ___ you asked …” SINCE
Designer Vuitton LOUIS
Have to have NEED
“Little piggies” TOES
Twelvers’ Islamic branch SHIA
Lamb’s mom EWE
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