Universal Crossword Answers February 16, 2021

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Author: by Samuel A. Donaldson


Comfy shoes, informally MOCS
Site code HTML
Prefix meaning “milk” LACTO
Jacob’s twin ESAU
Where Davenport is IOWA
Detest ABHOR
Slaps a honeycomb, perhaps? WHACKSWAX
Shifts course suddenly VEERS
Jousting weapons LANCES
Queen of the Greek gods HERA
Biz bigwig CEO
Ireland’s best-selling solo artist ENYA
Creator of a toy cube RUBIK
Runway departures TAKEOFFS
Stand-up person MENSCH
Peeled covering RIND
Outrage IRE
Russian villa DACHA
“Much ___ About Nothing” ADO
Potheads STONERS
In high demand HOT
Wooden duck DECOY
Big name in acne care OXY
“Try one!” HERE
NYC’s only mayor in the ’80s EDKOCH
Animals that may invade henhouses REDFOXES
Shoulder wrap SHAWL
Not keep or donate, say SELL
“Mork & Mindy” planet (hidden in “doorknob”) ORK
“Stay out of this,” for short MYOB
Speed trap devices RADARS
Sound heard twice in “solo” LONGO
Ruins the dinosaur in “Toy Story”? WRECKSREX
Love, in Paris AMOUR
In ___ of LIEU
Treats, as a sprain ICES
’90s-style rush order FAXME
Site for reviewing doggy daycares, aptly YELP
Warning letters before a link NSFW


Kitten cry MEWL
Workplace safety org. OSHA
“Elf” co-star James CAAN
Go far in life SUCCEED
Major tantrum HISSYFIT
Pull from behind TOW
Air kiss sound MWAH
Not as rigid LAXER
Certain Hawaiian expanses LAVABEDS
Prez on a five ABE
Inspects a square cereal at a factory? CHECKSCHEX
Came apart at the seams TORE
“Ish” ORSO
Casino game with balls KENO
Liquor in a daiquiri RUM
Natural hairstyle AFRO
Message ___ bottle INA
Gave a hand AIDED
Bad-mouths a Kentucky fort? KNOCKSKNOX
Mister, in Madrid SENOR
To-do list task CHORE
Detests HATES
Large maple SYCAMORE
People you may unfollow on Instagram EXES
Biennial golf event RYDERCUP
“That looks pretty!” OOH
Represses, as feelings HOLDSIN
Major rte. HWY
Harsh criticism FLAK
Menial LOWLY
Evil count in Lemony Snicket books OLAF
Tomato that didn’t originate in Italy, oddly ROMA
“Captain Marvel” star Larson BRIE
Circle segments ARCS
Great Barrier ___ REEF
Annual festival in Austin, briefly SXSW
What gets stuck under a desk GUM
Slender fish EEL
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