Universal Crossword Answers February 17, 2021

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Author: by Alan Massengill


Item of clothing that usually has holes BELT
Links org. PGA
“A Death in the Family” author James AGEE
“Please, please call on me!” OOHOOH
Possibly positive particle ION
She had a reality show as a young child HONEYBOOBOO
Word before “game” or “artist” CON
Musical liability TINEAR
Sandwich with a crunchy green BLT
“A long time ___ …” AGO
Garlic gadget PRESS
Decorates, as a cake ICES
The first “O” in YOLO ONLY
Small TINY
Family punster, often DAD
Showers love (on) DOTES
Well-chosen APT
___-friendly software USER
Flustered FAZED
Extra attention GREATCARE
Certain Amazon delivery vehicle DRONE
Most common value, in statistics MODE
Start of a countdown TEN
Indian lentil dish DAL
Expressed, as farewell BADE
Spreadsheet lines ROWS
Email button SEND
Lacking in enthusiasm TEPID
Code for O’Hare ORD
Catchall abbr. ETC
“Get outta here!” BEATIT
Dedicated poem ODE
Shade for toast GOLDENBROWN
By way of VIA
Showed signs of aging GRAYED
Antioxidant berry ACAI
Anago or unagi, to a sushi chef EEL
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ homes SEWERS
Ball in a basket? YARN


Scrooge’s outburst BAH
Self-gratifying journey EGOTRIP
Not at all strict LENIENT
Really small TEENSY
Buckwheat noodle SOBA
Bad suggestion POORIDEA
Palindromic cry of surprise OHO
Charged too much, informally ROBBED
Workshop array TOOLS
Espresso unit SHOT
Salsa choice PICANTE
Looked up online GOOGLED
Translation for “si” or “oui” YES
Bake sale org. PTA
“South Park” character Eric CARTMAN
Move like goo OOZE
Choice when one can’t handle the truth? DARE
Caterers’ coffee vessels URNS
“___ what I mean?” SEE
Fidget spinners or Pet Rocks FAD
Mount Olympus inhabitants GODS
Stadium vendor’s beverage COLDBEER
Like a Hail Mary DOORDIE
Instance of unfair treatment RAWDEAL
Kind of pudding TAPIOCA
Battle over a Wikipedia page EDITWAR
“Game of Thrones” hero Stark NED
Enjoy a funky beat GROOVE
Make less threatening, as a cat DECLAW
Stab in the back BETRAY
Put away STORE
Q neighbor, on a keyboard TAB
Bits of caviar EGGS
Split ___ (hair problems) ENDS
Salon supply DYE
“Delta of Venus” author Anais NIN
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