Universal Crossword Answers February 18, 2021

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Author: by David Alfred Bywaters


Irish dance JIG
Ready for a fruit salad RIPE
Econ branch MICRO
401, in Roman numerals CDI
People who review apps USERS
Sneeze sound ACHOO
“Solo” director Howard RON
What you may lack after walking up to the tenth floor? SPAREBREATH
Outer limits EDGES
Nickname hidden in “Lisa Leslie” SAL
Ceases to function DIES
More tear-inducing WEEPIER
Medieval castle’s liquid asset MOAT
How origami is made? CREASEBYCREASE
Otherwise ELSE
Prefix for “adjusted” MAL
Spanish snacks TAPAS
Spacious vehicle VAN
Fixes added to 18-, 29-, 46- and 59-Across? REPAIRS
Letters between two names AKA
Remove all traces of ERASE
Acad. or univ. SCH
Uno + uno + uno TRES
Supplies new hats for the Army Special Forces? REPLACESBERETS
Spoken ORAL
Best guy friend MAINMAN
Citrusy flavor, perhaps TANG
Streets: Abbr. RDS
“Someone Like You” singer ADELE
Baker’s nightmare? BREADRECALL
Cold air quality NIP
Parisian waterway SEINE
He’s synonymous with the thesaurus ROGET
FDR electricity project TVA
Flower in the violet family PANSY
“For here” alternative TOGO
Gallic seasoning SEL


Clothing chain whose name has an initial initial JCREW
“Mercy me!” SAKESALIVE
Spiced cookie GINGERSNAP
Country associated with onion domes RUSSIA
Web connection co. ISP
Spherical legume PEA
Goes wrong ERRS
Damage MAR
Cold coffee alternative ICEDTEA
Hot coffee alternative CHAI
Parrot’s learning style ROTE
Admiring sounds OOHS
Sordid SEAMY
Allied group of voters BLOC
Foil relative, in fencing EPEE
Squalor who dated Count Olaf ESME
Harvest REAP
Painting and pottery ARTS
Longtime fashion designer Bill BLASS
Building units? APARTMENTS
Spanish for “those” ESAS
At any time EVER
Behind REAR
Weapon in a silo, briefly ICBM
Zeus’ mother RHEA
Catchy phrases SLOGANS
Care for, like a garden TEND
Singer Leroy or Vikki CARR
Earlier-born ELDER
Venetian market district RIALTO
Country next to Tibet NEPAL
Half a fl. oz. TBSP
Bay ___ (Silicon Valley’s region) AREA
German denial NEIN
Person from Edinburgh SCOT
Susan of “L.A. Law” DEY
In the past AGO
Chair or table part LEG
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