Universal Crossword Answers February 22, 2021

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Author: by Susan Gelfand


Taunt JEER
Tale about Troy ILIAD
“Pow!” WHAM
Car bar AXLE
Singer’s span RANGE
Angel’s ring HALO
Someone who makes the cut? WOODWORKER
Has a bug AILS
Pint-sized DINKY
Team at Texas’ Minute Maid Park ASTROS
Betting settings CASINOS
Cab alternative? ZIN
Piglet’s place STY
Prep school whose rival is Andover EXETER
City southwest of Chicago JOLIET
Illuminated LIT
Business major’s subj. ECON
Doughnut cooker FRYER
Lucky finds in mines LODES
Maui music maker, briefly UKE
Untrue FALSE
Rolex competitor OMEGA
Word before “drive” or “pilot” TEST
Part of TGIF ITS
Crossword enthusiast SOLVER
Counterbalance OFFSET
Slalom slider SKI
Driver’s license datum symbolized by a letter SEX
Dreams up CREATES
Ready to roll INGEAR
Not live TAPED
Comedian Carvey DANA
Someone who makes a long story short? BOOKEDITOR
On any occasion EVER
___ forces ARMED
Valley north of San Francisco NAPA
“Marriage Story” Oscar winner Laura DERN
Rodeo rope LASSO
Wind blast GUST


Teeth holder JAW
Skeleton opening? EXO
“Don’t Bring Me Down” grp. ELO
Site with an r/crossword page REDDIT
Steel factory input IRONORE
Small songbirds LARKS
Jet-black INKY
Ripen AGE
Go off the track DERAIL
“Come again?” WHAT
Someone who makes waves? HAIRSTYLIST
Parcel out ALLOT
Like some tree trunks MOSSY
Goblet filler WINE
Check for odors SNIFF
String quartet member CELLO
Truism AXIOM
Someone who makes a scene? SETDESIGNER
Time divisions ZONES
Card often removed from a deck JOKER
Historic period ERA
Nail care brand CUTEX
Lauder of cosmetics ESTEE
Takes a break RESTS
Criticism may bruise it EGO
Chip dip SALSA
Submarine weapon TORPEDO
Like some agreements VERBAL
Cow chow FEED
Losing color FADING
Agreed (with) SIDED
Scoundrel KNAVE
Birthday desserts CAKES
Merit EARN
Certain turkeys TOMS
British singer Rita ORA
Letter after sigma TAU
Photo ___ (chances for pics) OPS
Chinese zodiac rodent RAT
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