Universal Crossword Answers February 24, 2021

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Author: by Jesse Goldberg


Agreement ACCORD
When doubled, a Hawaiian fish MAHI
Hoover ___ (Colorado River structure) DAM
Haitian religion involving sorcery VOODOO
Hugh Laurie’s boys’ school ETON
Former quarterback Manning ELI
Waiting one’s turn INLINE
Rustic home LOGCABIN
University official DEAN
Isn’t thorough when cleaning an ashtray? SKIPSABUTT
Shortly, in poetry ANON
They sometimes clash EGOS
Closed-down arena? SHUTSTADIUM
Chatty bird MYNAH
When required ASNEEDED
Word after “public” or “popular” OPINION
TV schedule slot AIRTIME
Takes revenge GETSEVEN
Trap, as by a winter storm ICEIN
Glowing alien of Jabba’s species? RADIANTHUTT
Headliner STAR
IRS experts CPAS
Where one might get a dog? MUTTMARKET
Was aware of KNEW
Conspiring (with) INLEAGUE
Discomfort UNEASE
Actress Seydoux or Thompson LEA
Raise one’s voice YELL
U-Haul truck, for one RENTAL
Hosp. areas ERS
Poetic tributes ODES
Forgo cooking … or, read with spaces after the second and fourth letters, a theme hint EATOUT


Fanatical AVID
Certain ice cream holder CONE
Carbonated drink COLA
Thor’s father ODIN
“Anchorman: The Legend of ___ Burgundy” RON
“Crime ___ pay” DOESNT
Philanthropist Gates MELINDA
On the summit of ATOP
Big pigs HOGS
Machu Picchu builder INCA
Eliminate glitches from DEBUG
Samuel of the Supreme Court ALITO
After-dinner candies MINTS
Prez known for his top hat ABE
RVer’s stopover KOA
More pale ASHIER
Pollution portmanteau SMOG
Overdone publicity HYPE
Army group UNIT
Prepares, like leather TANS
“This ___ test” ISA
Prefix with “verse” UNI
Deserves MERITS
Scratch the surface? ETCH
“Mon ___!” DIEU
Issue forth EMIT
Bumper concern DENT
Large reproductive cells OVA
“The Simpsons” character who says “hi-diddly-ho” NED
Coins that cost more than seven cents each to make NICKELS
Mimic APE
Inherent character NATURE
Welcoming expression SMILE
Piano technician TUNER
He has the world at his fingertips ATLAS
GPS suggestion RTE
Hellmann’s spread, informally MAYO
Like good Scotch AGED
Regulation RULE
Superman, aka Clark ___ KENT
Defense org. since 1949 NATO
Birthright seller in Genesis ESAU
Mark from a paintball fight, say WELT
Teachers’ org. NEA
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