Universal Crossword Answers January 08, 2022

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Author: by Billy and Molly Bratton


Break between notes REST
Features of feet TOES
“Como estas?” response, often BIEN
The fossil Big Al, once ALLOSAURUS
Indie pop singer Parks ARLO
Hypothetical body beyond Pluto PLANETNINE
Grain tower SILO
Audio player TAPEDECK
Relates (with) TIESIN
Just slightly cooked RARE
Big cheese HONCHO
“That’s false!” ITISNT
Librarian’s rebuke SHH
L.A.’s region SOCAL
Plucked instruments HARPS
Usher in? SEAT
___ and true TRIED
Shade darker than turquoise TEAL
Passion ARDOR
Map close-up INSET
The record-holding cat Creme Puff’s was 38 years AGE
Sign the back of ENDORSE
Made embarrassed SHAMED
Prepare, as a factory TOOLUP
Orange skin PEEL
Con artists’ accomplices SHILLS
Their tails have scales MERMAIDS
Mani’s partner PEDI
Online blurb that may include your pronouns TWITTERBIO
He was trapped in a net with Aphrodite ARES
Where to “find” the McCrepe SECRETMENU
___ lover’s pizza MEAT
Necklace bit BEAD
Recipe division STEP


Laser-focused RAPT
Spanish for “she” ELLA
High-five noise SLAP
Exfoliation products TONERS
Spud nugget TATERTOT
Eighth of a cup OUNCE
“Red” Viking ERIK
Early riser? SUN
Layer under nail polish BASECOAT
Liqueur invented in Dublin IRISHCREAM
Actor who appeared on Time’s cover with the quote “I’m fully who I am” ELLIOTPAGE
Apt time given this clue’s number NOON
Family cars, often SEDANS
Placed atop SETON
Twelfth of a foot INCH
Young adult novel in which campers dig HOLES
Rae of “The Hate U Give” ISSA
“That’s news to me!” IHADNOIDEA
Michael of “The Muppet Christmas Carol” CAINE
Like a good apple CRISP
Snow day transport SLED
One lets you earn checks for doing chores TODOLIST
Left in the lurch DESERTED
It’s called in class ROLL
NYC museum in “Ocean’s Eight” THEMET
Oxidizes RUSTS
Security devices ALARMS
Jordanian city named one of the New Seven Wonders of the World PETRA
Flood with messages SPAM
Trackpad alternatives MICE
“A likely story!” IBET
Have a nice meal DINE
Miso dish SOUP
Caught in a ___ of lies WEB
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