Universal Crossword Answers January 09, 2022

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Author: by Rebecca Goldstein


Too ___ cooks MANY
Bones with teeth JAWS
Lesser-known celebs DLIST
Woodwind related to the heckelphone OBOE
Postmortem bio OBIT
One of a dozen in a box, often JUROR
Musical ending CODA
Unavailable BUSY
Roll from Poland BIALY
Colloquial hangover remedy HAIROFTHEDOG
Circle segment ARC
Owns HAS
Snatching sound YOINK
Home to the Indira Gandhi Memorial Museum DELHI
Nickname hidden in “archetype” CHET
Short ___ sweet AND
Rearview mirror dangler, perhaps AIRFRESHENER
Blotch SPOT
“You’ve got mail” ISP AOL
Accomplishes DOES
Machine learning’s field, informally AITECHNOLOGY
Blasting material TNT
Jeopardize RISK
They sniff NOSES
Classic camera brand KODAK
One in a line at the airport CAB
Tantrum FIT
“That’s your opinion” IBEGTODIFFER
Words to learn for the SAT VOCAB
“Floor Is ___” (Netflix show) LAVA
Rhyme for “snooze,” in an idiom LOSE
Dried plum PRUNE
PC maker ACER
Ceramics and cartooning ARTS
Completely full SATED
Request for seconds MORE
Mom-and-pop orgs.? PTAS


Chocolaty cafe order MOCHA
Alphabetically first preposition, per most lists ABOARD
“Can’t do it” NODICE
Once around the sun YEAR
Employment expo JOBFAIR
Is up against? ABUTS
Deep desire WISH
Reason to see the ophthalmologist STYE
Stand in the corner of a dance party? DJBOOTH
Mario’s brother LUIGI
403(b) alternative IRA
Only three-letter scale note SOL
Attempt EFFORT
“Fancy meeting you here” OHHI
Colorants DYES
Prefix smaller than micro- NANO
Joint below the hip KNEE
Like those seated after the opening number LATE
Elbow crease CROOK
Place unlikely to freeze over HELL
OB-GYNs, e.g. DRS
Cheering people FANS
“Slow Churned” ice cream brand EDYS
Plopped down SAT
Flamingo’s color PINK
Bart and Lisa’s bus driver OTTO
Kvetched CRABBED
Steep increase HIKE
How some pranks are pulled ONADARE
Desert in northern China GOBI
Snooze, in El Salvador SIESTA
Designer von Furstenberg DIANE
Magazine’s outer page COVER
Ringlet TRESS
Glitzy rock genre GLAM
Folded food TACO
“Door” in a door FLAP
Kamala Harris and others: Abbr. VPS
“Your Song” singer Rita ORA
Salon job depicted by the starts of 20-, 34-, 42- and 57-Across? CUT
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